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Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Finished sweater

One of my UFOs has finally become a finished object!  This sweater has been languishing in my unfinished objects box for absolutely ages, with the back, a sleeve, and three-quarters of the other sleeve finished.  I dug it out the other day, finished the sleeve and knitted up the front.

It's been years since I did a V-neck, so I totally stuffed up the neck to start with, and had to unpick it all to start again. I'd forgotten to do the decreases that make the nice tidy V shape at the neck centre. Doh!

Anyway, some two years after I started it, my sweater is now complete, and fits nicely.  It's made in Stylecraft Special DK, colour copper, and is knitted to a Crucci pattern from their pattern book 24 that I picked up years ago in an op-shop for a massive 10c!

I like it so much I've started another in the same pattern.  I'm just hoping it doesn't take another two years before that one gets finished!!
Monday, 7 May 2012

Rip off England

I apologise in advance for the rant, but I feel it's necessary to highlight the fact that those of us who live in England are getting right royally ripped off yet no one seems to protest about it.

The Open University has always been extremely good at helping those less fortunate to gain a qualification on an equal platform with the better off.  Following the OU route to a degree or post-grad qualification is also a very good way for students to study part-time while working, and for home educated children to gain a university degree via an alternative route to a traditional university place.

I've been looking at the OU website following the recent changes to the fee structure.  I was aware that funding for people on low incomes was set to change as of 2012,  but I wasn't aware of just how huge the difference in fees was going to be, dependant on where you lived.

Out of curiosity, I looked at the fee structure for a level 3 science course, S339 "Understanding the Continents".

So much for the United Kingdom, or Great Britain.

Students who live in Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland are expected to pay £420.00 for the S339 course, yet students who live in ENGLAND, are expected to pay almost three times this amount - the fee for an English student being £1250.00 for courses taken 2012/13.


Why the hell is England constantly being ripped off, while the other three countries that make up Britain pay so much less?  Why should English based students have to pay almost three times what their Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish counterparts pay for a degree level education, and presumably, finish their degree with three times the debt of their counterparts?

And when it comes to home-educated children who choose to pursue an OU-based degree and whose parents are helping pay for said degree, why should they have to pay three times as much to help their child gain his degree, just because they're English?

I for one, protest.
Sunday, 6 May 2012

Birthday preparations

Tomorrow, Junior will be 3.  I'm sure all parents say the same, but I'll say it anyway ... I really can't believe three years have gone so quickly.  It seems no time at all since I was holding that tiny bundle in my arms, gazing in wonder at this tiny, perfect little human being.

I bought the digi-image for Junior's card - he adores "Handy Manny" - ages ago, but being last minute Charlies as always, today has been a frenzy of card colouring and making, rosette making, and later, will come present wrapping.

Fixer Boy card

Inside the card

Handmade birthday rosette for him to wear

Just the cakes to make tomorrow morning, and we should be all set!

Vintage China for sale


Postage prices held, despite the recent Royal Mail price hike!

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