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Thursday, 26 April 2012

Fabric heaven

Having found out about a shop that sells fabric at a mere £1 per metre, I'd be insane not to investigate further, wouldn't I.

The downside is that the shop is only open on Mondays and Thursdays, so this morning we set off in the most awful downpour I've seen in quite a while.  Whoever said we were in a drought has got to be kidding, as there was water everywhere.   Reservoirs were full, rivers had burst their banks, waterfalls were catapulting down rock faces in torrents and roads were overflowing with water.

Once we arrived at our destination though, all thoughts of rain were forgotten.  Well, temporarily anyway.

Fabric-wise, the shop turned out to be a veritable Aladdin's cave, and if I'm brutally critical of it, then it would be to say there was too much fabric there.  There was so much fabric piled from floor to ceiling that it was impossible to really see what was there and although I came away with quite a nice sized haul, I might have bought even more if I could have actually seen what was buried in amongst all the rolls of fabric.

All the rolls are just one side of the £1 area - round the other side of the rolls on the left is another aisle with yet more rolls!  And this is the room at the back of the store!!

There's another room to go through before you even get to this one, with similarly large mountains of fabric, all tightly packed and higgledy-piggledy so again, it's not an easy task to actually see what's there.  Prices range from £1 to around £6 per metre, although there might be some fabrics that are more which I didn't see.

Our haul

I got some lovely cottons/poly-cottons, some great Winnie the Pooh material, some fabric I'll use for cushions, and some lovely embroidered material I hope to turn into some skirts.  Mr YC got some corduroy and some other stuff he wants to experiment with.

On the main road opposite the fabric shop, which BTW is called Immanuel Fabrics, and is on Bright Street in Burnley, there's a charity shop which has made use of an old school building.  Naturally being charity-shopaholics, we couldn't leave for home without calling in.

I got a lovely bone china tea trio for my mum and a cute teddy bear tin - both items came to a whopping £1.50, and Junior got some books which were a further £2.  Bargains!

All in all, despite the rain, a good day was had by all.


Swirlyarts said...

Yay! That is a good haul :) And I'm glad you found the charity shops. If you ever come this way again then do shout as I'm normally around - normally anyway!

Kirsty said...

I am half wishing that shop was near me and half wishing it was!!!

Kirsty said...

or even half wishing it was near me and half glad it isn''t! (brain isn't working too well!)