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Tuesday, 7 February 2012

From Russia, with Love

It's been a very long time since I blogged about anything at all, and somehow almost a year's gone by with us seeming to get overtaken by life events.  So it's a bit of a shame in many ways that my somewhat sporadic card making got a kick start this last week with me having to make a bunch of sympathy cards following the loss of my Aunt, and then my parents' neighbour.

Wanting inspiration from other card makers for something a little lot more cheerful, I went scouring the net to find inspiration ... and stumbled headlong into a whole new thing for me ... card making challenges.

Feeling a bit like stone-age woman who's suddenly found herself in a modern-day sweet shop, I've spent my free time over the last week happily browsing all number of challenge sites and wondering if I dare pluck up the courage to enter any of the challenges as unlike my knitting, I'm not so sure my card-making would stand up to public scrutiny!

My "style" - if I have one - leans more towards what is apparently known as "CAS" which stands for Clean and Simple, so I've decided to enter the latest challenge over on CAS-ual Friday's, where the theme this time is to make a card inspired by a favourite movie.

I've always loved James Bond, and for me, there's no Bond better than Sean Connery, so my entry is based on "From Russia With Love".  Here goes nothing!!

Back later with another entry for another challenge :)


suszu said...

Lovely card, i am crazy amout babushka dolls

Karolyn at Paper Therapy said...

So cute and pretty!! Thanks so much for playing with us at CAS-ual Fridays!! We're so glad you did!