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Thursday, 24 February 2011

A bit of vintage heaven

I've been somewhat out of action for a while now after my back went bang again.  It happens - too frequently for my liking - and is damned frustrating when it does go as I feel like someone's gripping the base of my spine in a vice and I'm quite literally unable to move my legs until the vice lets go again.  Even when it does let go, it's extremely painful to move and I'm left with very bad sciatica.  So it was nice to be able to have a somewhat unexpected day out yesterday.  Well actually the day out itself wasn't unexpected because Mother-in-Law had insisted on taking us out,  but where we ended up was unexpected.

We'd planned to go to Bawtry, as it's quite a pretty little place with some interesting shops, including one that specialises in wines and whiskys.  The day dawning gloomy and damp didn't bode too well for photography, so we piled into the car and set off in no particular direction, other than either MIL or I shouting out "left" or "right" when we reached a junction, and Mr YC steering the car accordingly.

Before long, we were seeing signs for "Elsecar Heritage Centre" and I suggested we take a look.  "There's nothing there," said Mr YC.  Come to think of it, he's said that a few times in the past when I've mentioned taking a look at the place.  This time though, he was outvoted as both MiL and I said we'd like to go there, and so we did.

And although the weather outside hadn't improved any, we soon found ourselves indoors in a little piece of vintage heaven in the shape of Building 18.

Entering via the door underneath the vintage "Burgoyne's Australian Wines" sign, we were amazed and delighted to find ourselves surrounded by stalls, tables, glass cabinets and just about every available corner stuffed full of vintage everything.
From earthenware bottles, old glass marbles, toys, clothes, paintings, radios, furniture and of course lots and lots of lovely vintage china and glassware, it was vintage paradise.

I, of course, felt like I'd died and gone to heaven.  MiL and Mr YC managed to drag me away so we could have lunch at the Brambles Tearoom, but I snuck back later and got this:

A rather beautiful vintage Paragon cup and saucer set, very heavy gilding on the cup, both in perfect condition and a superb cabinet piece.

The weather meant it wasn't much fun looking around outside, but now I know there IS something there at the Elsecar Heritage Centre, I've no doubt I'll be wanting to go back.  We'll probably go on a day when the independently run Elsecar Heritage Railway is operating so the kids can enjoy a ride on the train.  I do wonder whether Mr YC was reluctant to take me there because he knew ...?  Hmm.


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