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Friday, 14 January 2011

Time for Tea and Mittens

Things have taken on a definite tea theme here at Yorkshire Crafts this week.  First off, I've been making some more hand poured teacup candles, using some of the odd cups and saucers that have found their way into my collection of vintage china.

Pretty James Kent "Regency" teacup candle
Lovely Queen Anne teacup candle
Still on the tea theme, and mindful that Valentine's Day is only a month away, I designed these "Love Tea" tea cosies to keep the teapot warm.  In two snug sizes, the smaller one fits a 2-4 cup pot, while the larger fits a standard six cup pot.

"Love Tea" tea cosy for six cup pot
Each cosy is made from cheery red gingham fabric, is lined with red cotton and has a handy hanging or picking up loop.  There's a red cotton heart stitched on one side, which has been hand embroidered with the words "Love Tea".  A white satin bow completes the look.  As the embroidery is done by hand, no two cosies are exactly alike.

Small and Large "Love Tea" tea cosies
While it was Valentine's Day that inspired them, I think one of these lovely tea cosies would make a great gift for any tea lover.  I hope to add some other colours to this range at a later date.

Love Tea tea cosies and teacup candle

I've also made a garden-themed tea cosy, which is available in the small 2-4 cup size only.

Garden-themed tea cosy
Moving away from tea, I'm ashamed to admit that my poor Possum was mitten-less at the beginning of this winter - rather like the shoemaker's children, who, while their father's job was to make shoes, ended up shoeless themselves because he was too busy making shoes for other people to make any for them.

So on the knitting side, Junior and Possum now have mittens and there's a new product to be added to the Yorkshirehandknits.com website in the shape of mittens for 2-4 year olds.  I don't make too many products beyond the 12-month age range, but couldn't resist adding these.

Pink hand knitted mittens 2-4yrs
Blue hand knitted mittens 2-4yrs
I hope to add the homewares and fabric products to it, and in the meantime the tea cosies will probably also make an appearance on the Yorkshirehandknits site.



KatGotTheCream said...

I like it!!! Loving your tea theme and the mittens rock!