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Friday, 5 November 2010

Friday Find

When one of the people I follow on Twitter posts a link to a new product they've made or listed in their shop, I always try to take the time to have a look.  It's only fair, and I guess I kinda hope that when I post a link to something I've made at least a few of you will take a gander at it!

Yesterday was no exception and what particularly caught my attention to this week's find was the title "Navy Blue Knitting Fabric".

Knitting Fabric?  What's that when it's at home then!?

Well "that" turned out to be "this" - and I fell instantly in love with it.  I want, no I need, on third thoughts make that I absolutely have to have some.  Actually I probably shouldn't be waxing lyrical about this gorgeous fabric at all.  It's just my luck that by the time I've earned a few more pennies to buy some (after Mr YC fried the motherboard on his computer and we needed to spend all our spare cash on a new one), she'll have sold out.

Navy Blue Hand Printed Knitting Fabric by Sarah Waterhouse

The fabric is hand printed by clever (and talented!) textile designer Sarah Waterhouse, who designs and hand prints all her fabrics from a small studio in Sheffield, South Yorkshire.

Find more of Sarah's wonderful designs on her website, and in her Folksy shop aka PlainJaneTextiles.  You can also follow her on Twitter @sarahwtextiles.

A small update on the lovely Nina Mistry-Rhoades who featured in an earlier post - Nina now has a Folksy shop where you can buy her lovely elephants.

Oh, and have a happy bonfire night everyone and be safe with the fireworks!!


Sarah said...

I couldn't agree more, Sarah Waterhouse fabric is gorgeous. I've bought some of her birdcage fabric before printed on a really soft hemp/linen I think.