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Spring Flowers
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Saturday, 6 November 2010

Finished objects - life is rosy

One of the roses in my garden has done really well this year and must have had three good spells of producing flowers.  I think the poor thing got a bit confused though as it put out one final effort which I couldn't resist bringing in from the cold to enjoy on the kitchen windowsill.  Unfortunately I can't smell its wonderful fragrance as I'm still bunged up with cold, but at least I can enjoy it's beauty.

Things have been pretty very quiet on the sewing front, although I've made some purchases this week, including getting a very good deal on some fabric from the States with the exchange rate being so favourable.

Knitting-wise, a good week with several things dug out of the UFO box which are now FOs.  I can't believe the little blue cardigan just wanted one more seam sewing up!

Blue raglan sleeve cardigan 0-3m

This one needed a little more work, two fronts, but now it's finished...

Lilac patterned cardigan 0-3m
and this one also needed the fronts, which I've completed in the same pattern as the lilac one.

White raglan patterned cardigan 0-3m

For the grown-ups, I finished this gorgeous pair of fingerless gloves, knitted in a really soft DK that's synthetic but almost feels like cotton.

Into the UFO box has gone a completed, but not sewn up pair of gents fingerless gloves and a plain and simple but pretty little lemon cardigan.  Not too bad a week!

I'd been hoping we'd get to a craft fair being held at Gibson Mill on 5th/6th November but Mr YC wasn't keen on going to two events in one weekend so hopefully we'll make the Arts Market which is on in Holmfirth tomorrow (7th) and again next week (14th).  There are going to be around 80 designer/makers at the fair, so it should be good!